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At 21st Century Dogs we offer training services to help your dog fit into modern life. Our canine companions go everywhere with us these days; long walks in the country, visits to the pub, drives out to the seaside and even camping trips. Our training focusses on teaching your dog the life skills they will need to thrive in our fast-paced lives. We will support you right from the beginning of your journey even before your puppy arrives home so you get things right from day one.  We’ll also show you how to train them to walk to the park nicely on a lead, leave distractions when they're on a walk, and of course to come when they are called! We use positive science-based methods so that training improves your relationship with your dog and so that it’s fun for both of you.

Max Puppy


A package to give your new addition the perfect start; these sessions can start straight away in your home with no need to wait for vaccinations. This bespoke package is tailored to the needs of you and your puppy and will include life skills as well as obedience. One session will include a walk with your puppy allowing us to develop their skills off lead and you can optionally use one session for a socialisation walk. This package comes with 3 months access to a closed Facebook community of other puppy & dog owners, with access to support from the team as well as video and written training resources.

5 x 45 Minute 1-2-1 Sessions


121 Training Puppy


I will work with you to introduce quick fixes and long term solutions in your dog's behaviour. We can help with recall and off lead connection, crate training, settling in public spaces, pulling on the lead and sitting and waiting patiently. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Reduced rate for follow up appointments.

1 Hour Session


Peter & Max


These are one on one 45 minute walks where I work alone with your dog whilst you stay at home or are at work. I can work on anything including recall and off lead connection, heel work and walking nicely on lead or sit and stay. If you wish to attend the training please book a 121 session instead.

2 x 45 Minute Sessions


Max Recall


If you need your dog to come when called, this package is for you. We focus on improving connection with your dog using games to make time together fun. We will train your dog to come back whenever called. This includes two 60 minute 121s with a written programme to follow and support.

2 x 60 Minute 1-2-1 Sessions


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