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Do You Have Insurance?

Yes, I have Public Liability Insurance, and Insurance covering accidents involving dogs under my care. Click HERE to view PLI.

Will You Meet My Dog Before It's First Walk?

Yes, I will come and meet you and your dog in your home to get to know you both. The first time I walk your dog, I will walk them alone so I can learn about their personality and start to build my relationship with them.  Once we have got to know each other they will be able to join our group walks.

Do You Have a Key Policy?

Yes, your keys do not have your name or address attached. Your keys are only accessed on the day I need them and are locked away at all other times.

What If My Dog Gets Wet And Muddy?

Dogs are dogs, and living in rainy Manchester, they are bound to get wet and muddy; it's all part of the fun of being a dog! I will dry them off at the end of each walk, but cannot guarantee they will be completely clean and dry.

How Many Dogs Will Be In Group Walks?

Typically dogs will be walked in groups of 5 dogs or less, however to accommodate last minute bookings and unforeseen circumstances dogs will occasionally be walked in groups of 6. I walk each dog individually to start and then group them according to size, breed and temperament.

Do You Offer An Individual Walk Option?

If your dog prefers it's own space or maybe you would just prefer for them to have my undivided attention, I can walk them alone; check out the 'Solo Walk' option on the services page. I will walk them on or off the lead depending on temperament, and whether they come when called.

Where Will You Walk My Dog?

I will walk your dog at various locations across South Manchester; avoiding parks near main roads, preferring instead country parks such as Reddish Vale or Highfield.

What If My Dog Gets ill or Has An Accident?

I will administer first aid at the scene if required, and will then contact you immediately. As part of the registration process I will take your Vet's details, so in case of emergency, I will contact them directly and take your dog straight there.

What Time Will My Dog Be Walked?

Dogs on group walks will be picked up at any time between 09:00 and 14:00, the walks last 60 minutes plus travel time. On hot days, dogs will be picked up from 8:00 to avoid being out in high temperatures, which can cause them to overheat. Times of solo walks will be arranged individually.

Are You Canine First Aid Trained?

Yes, I am trained in Canine First Aid, and attend refresher courses once a year. Click HERE to view my latest certificate.

What Locations Do You Cover?

Dog walking areas covered include Levenshulme, Burnage, Reddish and The Heatons. Training is provided all over Manchester.  Please enquire so we can check your location.

How Do I Make A Payment To You?

Dog Walking - I will e-mail you an invoice every Friday for services provided that week, with payment being due by bank transfer on the same day.

Dog Training - Payment is taken by card at the time of making your appointment through our online booking system.

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