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Our walking services are designed so that your dog is walked safely whilst doing things that all dogs enjoy; running, playing and socialising.  We use kind science based training whilst on walks with your dogs. Groups are capped at 5 dogs so that each dog gets more attention from myself or James; each dog is temperament tested and walked individually before being integrated into a group.


We work on our relationship and connection with them before they are allowed off lead. We leave a report card with details of what they’ve been up to after every walk.

Four dogs

GROUP WALK - 60 Mins

Group walks are typically 5 friendly dogs or less, they'll walk off lead depending on your preference and their recall, and will visit local country parks for their walk.  We’ll pick them up, drop them off and towel dry them if they get wet or muddy having fun. We can also feed them or give medication afterwards if required. Walks are 60 minutes plus travel time and are suitable for friendly adult dogs over 12 months old. This is a great option for dogs who are very sociable and need to learn to just hang out with other dogs rather than playing whenever they spend time with other dogs.

1 Dog / 2 Dogs / Monthly Pass

£14.50 / £25 / £250

Seven & Heath


Puppies learn so much from other dogs, adult dogs are much better at teaching puppies than we are! What better idea than to have your puppy walked with well socialised adult dogs. Puppies learn manners, to be submissive, to listen and to apologise from adult dogs, all skills that will help them throughout their life. These walks are a good way to build confidence in puppies who might not have spent much time with other dogs and for overly sociable puppies that need to learn manners around other dogs. Suitable for puppies under 25 weeks old.

Duration Dependent On Age


Seven & Wellies


Leaving your puppy whilst you go to work can be hard and it’s important your puppy isn’t left alone for too long whilst they are learning to be comfortable on their own. We offer a puppy drop-in service where we pop in mid-morning, mid-afternoon or both to break up their day. We'll do toilet breaks, play time and foundation training. This is a great way for us to build a relationship with your puppy from a young age. Once they are full vaccinated, we will start taking them on short walks and they can then progress to socialisation walks.

Per 30 Minute Visit




The perfect option for dogs that like their own space or for younger dogs who are still building up to 60 minute adult group walks. We will walk them on or off lead depending on your preference and their recall. We’'ll pick them up, drop them off and towel dry them if they get wet or muddy having fun. I will also feed them after walkies if required.

30 Minute Walk


Max & Pete


These are one on one 45 minute walks where I work alone with your dog whilst you stay at home or are at work. I can work on anything including recall and off lead connection, heel work and walking nicely on lead or sit and stay. If you wish to attend the training please book a 121 session instead.

2 x 45 Minute Sessions


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